New Moon Manifestation Journey with Natasha Nour Ali – Fiena Dubai
New Moon Manifestation Journey with Natasha Nour Ali

New Moon Manifestation Journey with Natasha Nour Ali

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Wednesday, June 5th at 7:30pm
Wild Paint House

Harness the powerful energies of the new moon to manifest your intentions through creativity and meditation. We've partnered with the gifted Natasha Nour Ali for this one-of-a-kind evening of intention-setting, sound healing, movement, and self-expression through art.

The evening begins with Natasha guiding you through breath-work and meditation to clarify your desires for the upcoming moon cycle. You'll then take part in an immersive sound bath utilising harmonic frequencies, crystal singing bowls and sacred instruments to relax your mind and open your energy channels.

From this centered state, Natasha will lead you through gentle feminine movement meditations to further connect you with your feminine essence and manifest intentions. Finally, you'll have an open studio session to intuitively express and create an intention-infused artwork using Wild Paint House's eclectic array of art supplies and free-flow painting techniques.

You'll leave with a personal artwork embodying your monthly aspirations, along with increased self-awareness, creative unblocking, and a raised vibrational state to seed your intentions into the universe.

Whether you're seeking personal growth, healing, manifestation, or simply crave an evening of artistic expression and self-care, this new moon journey will be a highlight of your month.

Cost: 160 AED

About the Facilitators:

Natasha Nour Ali is a feminine embodiment guide, sound therapy facilitator and breath-work and meditation teacher devoted to awakening feminine essence and self-love.

Wild Paint House offers unique, boundary-free art jamming experiences in a therapeutic creative playground.

**This event is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, please inform us at least 48 hours prior to the event.