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So much more than just a club, Fiena is a 21st Century, cosmopolitan society, ready to re-define the future of feminine- and bring adventure into the mix.

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Back in 2016, we noticed that female-only networking events were either speaker-panel nights or luxury brunches. We wanted a place for women to adventure, really try new things, and live out their passions. We found that London was so fast paced; friends were always moving in and out; getting married, moving to the suburbs or getting new jobs abroad. We wanted to make it easy to connect with like-minded women who shared your values, interests and ambition to succeed.

And with that, Fiena was born. Out of the rebellion of the ordinary; Fiena was created to connect the women who already have affluent success in work and business but won’t allow that to define them. They still want more. For the women who are pioneers, business moguls and at the same time fierce movers and shakers, living life wild everyday.

And so - we put a call out for our first 100 Founding Members in 2016, partnered up with SBE Hotels in 2017, and had run over 250 events by 2018. We battled through COVID, moving the club totally virtual and by 2022, we had won partnerships with BOSS, Caudalie, Gymshark & Gymbox.

In 2023, we are excited to launch Fiena Dubai, grow the Fiena London team and continue to work on growing our operations, as we build a legacy for generations of women to come.

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notable founding members

Meet some of the first members of the Fiena London Club. From professionals, influencers, CEO's & creatives - all of our members are passionately inspired and successful in their industries.  

A note from our founder

Fiena is a unique take on the members club experience and exists at the intersection of business, adventure and city life.

Our clubhouses ensure we offer our members a multitude of options to meet, hang out and enjoy the city, whilst our five divisions of experience provide members with events truly unique in a big city like London. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to introduce our members to those iconic female friendships that will steer their life at crucial moments and open new doors emotionally, spiritually and professionally. 

The club was crafted for those who already live a Fiena lifestyle, but who want to be around others like them.
It’s for those who have a passion for the good life, who pride themselves on their own personal development and interest in spirituality, fitness, travel and culture- who want a member's experience based on who they are rather than just accessing a physical location.”


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Meet the team behind the global members club for female pioneers 

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Swap cocktail sipping with a range of adventure rooted experiences - from golf, astrology & boukdering

Fiena is London's First Female-Only 'Adventure' Members' Club

Fiena is one of the best women's members clubs in London


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Fiena is London’s best womans only club


You’re a leader, not a follower, a high-vibe & adventure thrill-seeker. With no time for gossip because you’re thriving in meaningful conversation about visions and ideas... You are sophisticated and smart.

Fearless, curious, positive and wild, you’re a big YES girl with a whole lotta’ hustle and heart. You are accomplished, love to travel and make the most out of any opportunity. 

You’re the kinda’ woman that gets sh*t done - resilient when it comes to achieving your goals, heck, for you, there is no dream too big to conquer!

You could say you’re the whole package - soulful, strong, kind, open and girl, are you glam! - But you don’t wear a label or fit inside a box because that’s just not where you belong...

You belong with Fiena.


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Need to get in touch with us? Whether you’d like to book an event, organise a membership trial, or just need some advice, our Fiena team are always on hand to help with any enquiries you might have.


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