Polo Adventure with FIENA at Desert Palm Polo Club Dubai! – Fiena Dubai
Polo Adventure with FIENA at Desert Palm Polo Club Dubai!

Polo Adventure with FIENA at Desert Palm Polo Club Dubai!

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Indulge in a morning of elegance, thrill, and sophistication on Saturday, 20th January, as FIENA invites you to partake in the grandeur of the Sport of Kings at the prestigious Desert Palm Polo Club Dubai. Get ready for an experience that combines luxury, learning, and leisure!

Event Highlights:
Date & Time: Saturday, 20th January - 9:30 am onwards
Location: Desert Palm Polo Club Dubai

Exclusive Learning Experience:
This beginner-friendly event opens the gates to the world of Horse Polo, with no prior experience required! Arrive at the fields at 9:30 am, where a sumptuous breakfast spread of pastries, fresh juices, and coffees awaits you. A seasoned Polo instructor will guide you through the rules, tactics, and the art of the game, ensuring your safety and unveiling the sneaky moves that make Polo the epitome of sophistication.

Polo Lesson for FIENA Members:
From 10:15 am to 11:30 am, FIENA Members will receive an exhilarating Polo lesson from a qualified instructor. Learn the basics of sitting on the majestic horses, holding the equipment, and gracefully hitting the ball while mounted. No experience is necessary – seize this opportunity to try something new in an environment of luxury and exclusivity.

Post-Lesson Brunch at Meliá Collections:
After the polo lesson, extend your experience with a delightful brunch at Meliá Collections restaurant, offering a stunning view of the ongoing polo tournament against the backdrop of the iconic Dubai skyline. FIENA Members enjoy an exclusive 30% off on their brunch, savouring delectable cuisine in an atmosphere of refinement.

Exclusive Access to Meliá Collections Facilities:
As a bonus, FIENA Members can explore the Meliá Collections gym and facilities, including the invigorating ice bath. Enjoy a 20% discount on spa treatments, adding a touch of pampering luxury to your day.

Special Pricing for FIENA Members:
The regular price for a single polo class is 800AED, but FIENA Members can secure their spot for the special price of 450AED which you will be able to pay at the location. Limited spaces are available, so ensure you reserve your spot to relish this extraordinary and unique experience.

Attire Instructions:
All the necessary kit for participation will be provided by Desert Palm Polo Club. Participants are only required to wear comfortable trousers and sensible shoes, ideally flat-soled boots or trainers.

Don't miss out on this unparalleled blend of sophistication, sport, and luxury! Reserve your space now for an enchanting morning at the Desert Palm Polo Club with FIENA.