Unveiling the Divine Feminine With Natasha Nour Ali – Fiena Dubai
Unveiling the Divine Feminine With Natasha Nour Ali

Unveiling the Divine Feminine With Natasha Nour Ali

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Awaken to the Magic of the Pink Moon

Under the blushing light of April's full Pink Moon, an alchemy of healing and transformation will take place. Join us for a sacred evening of profound feminine awakening led by Natasha Nour Ali, renowned guide and embodiment of the feminine path.

Within the sanctity of a private villa setting, you will be bathed in the radiance of sound healing, cacao ceremony, and divine meditation. Like a rose unfurling its petals, you will open to the whispers of your most authentic self.

Natasha's masterful fusion of feminine somatics, breath-work, sound therapy and yoga will be your gateway. Through her masterful guidance, you will unearth depths of self-love, trust and inner knowing you scarcely knew existed.

This is no ordinary circle - it is a homecoming to the wise, sensual and radiant feminine divine within you. The veils will drop away as you rediscover your primal essence and reclaim your birthright as a divine feminine being.

Whether you arrive seeking healing, or simply to bask in Pink Moon's alchemical glow, you will leave renewed, and ignited with light.

For on this Pink Moon night, you will not just glimpse your ultimate blossoming - you will become it.

The event will be hosted at Peaches and Cream Palm Jumeirah. After the ceremony, members are welcome to stay behind at the venue and have dinner together a-la-carte and mingle.

Dress Code: All White 🤍🤍🤍